Portia De Rossi’s Mom Worried She’d Date Ellen DeGeneres

Portia de Rossi recently revealed that her mother was always worried she’d be out in public and that Hollywood would shun her. Oddly enough, Portia would always joke with her mother after a date, “Mom, relax, I’m not dating Ellen DeGeneres, for God’s sake.”

She said that when the time finally came to tell her mom she actually WAS dating Ellen, her mother semi-freaked out.

“It was that worst case scenario moment for her. I guess it was for me, also, because I had been kind of creeping out of the closet, but I’d never come out in the media and confirmed that I was, in fact, gay. I just lived my life openly and whoever knew, knew. But I’ve since realized that that’s even more damaging, because if people assume that you’re gay but you don’t publicly admit to it, it seems like there really is something to be ashamed of,” she told Bust Magazine.

Well, look at them now…one of Hollywood’s most adorable couples! They were having a grand old time over the holiday in St. Barts.