Porn Was More Profitable for McCarroll

August 8th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Jay McCarroll stands in the gutter wearing a blonde wig and bearing a sign, “Will Design for Food.” The “Project Runway” winner is homeless in New York. Jay is pointing the finger to being thrown out of the nest too soon. There is no written guide to starting your own label and Jay was in desperate need of help. Several opportunities arose after the show. He was put in contact with factories that would crank out his creations, but there was no guidance.

“You don’t think I took the fucking bus to New York the day after I won the show, thinking someone was going to come up to me on the street and say, You’re awesome, here’s money? I thought that for two years. But I’ve given up on that.”

Bravo scooped him out of his Pennsylvania digs where he was running a clothing store. Before the store he ran a porn business via the internet. Jeffrey Sebelia was left to design clothing for those trashy looking Bratz dolls. Most of the contestants on Bravo’s reality ventures haven’t exactly joined the ranks of the fashion elite. So who’s to blame? That is my question. Fingers are being pointed at Bravo, but personally Coco, Karl and Donna didn’t have Tim Gunn giving the opportunities to show at Bryant Park with an allowance…yet they seemed to have made it. When you sign up for reality tv do you really think that they are after you for purely talent sake?

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By Cara Harrington

  1. Andrew

    I ran it to that bitch several times-nothing but an ass. a no-talent ass. enjoy the streets bitch. make a cocktail gown out of newspapers and used IPhone boxes.

  2. 2 Old 4 This

    what what what? I won’t be able to buy Jay McCarroll fashions in the near future??? What a shame.

  3. 2 Old 4 This

    smell that? that’s sarcasm

  4. Nic

    Uhh anyone who’s seen Jay talk for a minimum of 5 sec. knows he was joking about the homeless bit.

  5. silvarga

    Wait. Didn’t you just tell us yesterday that this “Jay McCarroll is homeless” thing was just a prank?

    So are you now saying it’s true? tsk tsk tsk. You could’ve just did a report on what’s up with all the winners and not re-reported the faux news…

    Anyway, Jay McCarroll’s designs were fun overall but essentially outdated. Except for that Chrysler building-homage outfit, all his designs were straight out of an early-90′s Bjork video and thus nowhere near avant-garde.

    Sebelia had the great “ANTM-patented bitch/asshole turns over a new leaf and becomes the winner twist” but overall Uli was the person with the right amount of drive, talent, business sense, and mass appeal. and SHE should’ve won the previous season. Still though, at least they didn’t pick Michael’s “hoochie-wear” for the win (such a disappointment).

    In the end it IS Bravo’s (and the producer’s) fault because every winner they pick is based on storytelling and not on that person’s true skill as a designer and business-person.

    Choosing the Project Runway winner by storyline may get Bravo the ratings they need, but it also attracts famewhores instead of designers with integrity. And that’s why fewer and fewer real designers show up at their casting calls any more… Project Runway isn’t like America’s Next Top Model, top models are a dime a dozen, and there’s 3 new “it girls” every season. But if a potential PR contestant (read: serious designer) doesn’t see lasting results in the current PR winners, they’re not going to bother and the show will die.

  6. Ace

    Project Runway is not about who will best sell their clothing. It is about the one who has the most talent. Every year, they pick the designer with the most talent. Jay, Chloe Dao, and Jeffrey were those people. I have yet to really disagree. Chloe actually did something with her money by expanding her store. Jeffrey did something with his money as well, getting himself out of debt and establishing his Cosa Nostra brand out west. Give him a couple more years and you’ll start seeing his shit popping up in the East too. Jay wasn’t coming from their backgrounds, so it should be expected that he struggles. But, this jay being homeless thing is in argument. Regardless, talent in fashion will get you far, especially once you learn how to handle the business while having a solid voice for yourself and your clothes.

  7. nolamama

    Jay decided not to take the 100K when he won because he didn’t want to be tied into a contract with them. Apparently he thought he could do better on his own. Whoops.

  8. Peek Freans

    Someone should have told Jay that 90% of something is a whole lot better than 100% of nothing.

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