Porn Performers Out of Work


So the porn industry is all in a tizzy over the HIV scare, as well as it should be. Using condoms is recommended in “real life,” and it would be seemingly obvious that porn performers (using the word actor just doesn’t seem right) would want to using them while doing their job as well. I mean come on, would you really want to have unprotected sex with someone who’s been in a porn film (all the fantasies aside)? I think it would kind of be like having a death wish – or at least a communicable disease wish.

About a dozen porn production companies halted shooting until at least June 8 after two performers tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. Hustler Video and VCA Pictures said Friday they were halting work indefinitely.

The names of about 65 performers who had sex with the two HIV-infected actors or slept with their movie sex partners were posted on industry quarantine sites that prevent them from working for two months until their next HIV tests are completed, said Sharon Mitchell, executive director of the nonprofit Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation.

The scare began this week when it was announced that a performer had tested positive for HIV, which he apparently contracted while shooting a film last month in Brazil.

A 22-year-old Canadian actress he worked with after returning to the United States, also has tested positive for HIV. The woman has worked in the adult film industry for only three months.

Many of those associated with the adult film industry said unprotected sex is common in shoots despite the HIV scare.

Actor’s are supposedly paid $200-$1000 more to participate in unprotected sex. Testing is not mandatory is encouraged here in the U.S. porn industry. X-RATED icon Jenna Jameson (who now only has sex with her husband and other women on camera – at least she has standards) is starting a fund to help sidelined sex workers in the wake of the AIDS scare that has paralyzed production on porn movie sets. It seems that the porn actors live paycheck to paycheck. I guess it must be hard for them to find other work with porn star on their resumes.

Dozens of porn actors and actresses are under voluntary quarantine and many porn production companies have shut down sets for 60 days since stars Darren James and Lara Roxx tested positive for HIV. Jameson told PAGE SIX that she and her porn director husband, Jay Grdina, are starting the Adult Industry Assistance Fund to help her comrades in carnality.

“These are people working paycheck to paycheck, who cannot work in the industry for 60 days,” Jameson said. “I’m asking people who have the means to donate something so they can get back on their feet.”

Jameson blames the HIV outbreak on the explosion of porn movies being made in Eastern Europe and South America, where there is no mandatory testing.

“There are a lot of companies filming out of the country,” she said. “There’s not mandatory testing in Prague or in Brazil, and the talent is cheap, new and beautiful. These women are working with actors who come right back and work with women here.”

So let’s start the pledge drive to keep these performers on their feet (at least they’re not on their backs), until they can go back to fucking for money for the world’s pleasure.

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