Pop Star Power Couples Of The Past: Will Taylor Swift And Harry Styles Be Part Of Them? [PHOTOS]

Demi Lovato And Joe Jonas Pose
The exes share a Malibu photoshoot.
What is better than loving 2 pop stars individually? Loving 2 pop stars even more when they come together in holy relationship-dom.

Over the years, we as fans have been graced with the unification of some of our favorite celebrities, to the point where all we can do is closely watch, gawk, and adore their cuteness. But, as lovely as these couples are,the paradise never lasts forever. Most of the relationships end in heartbreak, and hit songs, unfortunately. After so many of the same train wrecks, you’d the stars would take all of the fallen romances as a sign and take the Matt Damon route, and steer clear of their celeb counterparts. But, then what would we all have to talk about?

Having said that, the newest power couple in the world of young Hollywood is Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Now, the boy-bander and the country singer may look sweet and adorable now, but I can’t help having a feeling of foreboding for the pair. Poor Styles is either unknowing, or blindly unphased by the string of exes that Swift has wracked up over the years. Hopefully his innocence and image won’t be compromised when the Swift-Styles Train reaches the end of it’s tracks someday.

While we watch and hope for the best (or the worst) between pop cultures newest darling duo, let’s have a look at the Pop Star Power Couples Of The Past. Maybe Swift or Styles will get a glimpse and reassess their relationship; who knows?