10 Pop Albums From The 90s We Love [PHOTOS]

90s Heartthrobs
Andrew Keagan, Erik von Detton and more 90s crushes
They were catchy, they were overplayed on the radio, and they got stuck in our heads. All in all, they were our favorite songs to hum and sing along to in the 90s. The long hair and baggy pants of The Hanson Brothers, and the smooth moves of Nsync made 90s pop music that much better. Let’s face it, the 90s had it goin’ on.

As we move to a different era in music (I love me some Gangnam Style and Justin Bieber), it’s still nice to reminisce on the sweet ol’ tunes that we grew up with. So, click through the gallery to look at a blast from the past, and let us know in the comments below what some of your favorite 90s hits are! (And just for fun, there’s some MMMBop to rock out to below! Thank me later.)