Poor Tisha Campbell

April 26th, 2006 // 30 Comments

What on earth has happened to her (she used to be on Martin)? Smile girl. A before photo after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Danger

    She looks a damn mess

  2. mark

    Are we certain this isn’t Gary Coleman in a wig?

  3. Fiz

    Paul Abduls long lost twin..Fuzzy eyed as all hell

  4. CDubb

    Do you guys remember the Martin episode when she got the mumps and she attended his college renunion…

  5. netty

    She’s so swollen…whats up with her?!?!? She looks more like Rick James!

  6. She looks like she got her face caught in a drain.

  7. Fiz

    Speaking of Martin…seriously..WAZ UP with yo face Gina??? She better lay off the salt before a Martin reunion if she doesnt wanna be outdone by Shi-nay-nay. OHHHH MY GAWD

  8. L&L Mommy

    Well I hope someone got the number of the truck!

  9. jennifer

    collagen is bad..very bad

  10. J

    Bad plastic surgery and waaaaaay too much collagen!

  11. Katie S.

    Tisha didn’t need any plastic surgery in the first place. She looks more like dear departed Rick James than she does herself.

  12. lollipop

    she’s on a TV show right now with damon wayans, i think. she looks cute on the show! maybe she ate some bad egg salad that night…?

  13. Brad Woods

    What the hell happened to her lips?

  14. wow. this is Baaaaaaad

  15. Serenity

    yeah she’s on my wife and kids on abc and she doesnt look like that on the show….actually now that i think about, it think it got cancelled….

  16. Kittycatastrophe

    Tisha looks like a Bratz doll!

  17. C

    LOL Fizz!

    Towards the end of the My Wife and Kids show, Tisha said that she had a baby and never lost the baby weight. She said the fact that she was fat made her depressed which led her to eat even more. Guess she’s just kept on eating. Poor Tisha, she used to be so beautiful.

  18. G

    Actually she doesn’t always look like this…when I saw this on another site…I actually thought she was high.

  19. ohpleaze

    OH. MY. GOD. I’m scared.

  20. grace

    Not only Tisha, but Vivica is pretty pathetic, too.

  21. the sterdiddy

    Really though, they were both really hot in their hayday, which was only 10 years ago, and now they both look freakish not because of age, but bad surgury. really now, what happened to aging gracefully!?!?

  22. anona

    Tisha has been hanging with her bff Vivica, who showed her the ropes of plasticizing!!

    Tisha has had all her baby weight lipo’d off by the way.

    I think she is still dealing with the depression, though.

  23. las

    EEEEEYYYAAAAAAA. What a fright.

    She DOES look like a Bratz doll. (Watch out or Jane will show up to chastise you for “racist remarks”)

  24. doofus

    Tisha doesn’t look so hot, but honestly…Vivica looks more and more like a man in every picture I see of her.

    she used to be so pretty, but the fake balloons and whatever she did to her face just ruined her.

  25. moet

    damn she looks fugugly

  26. las

    She WAS pretty. It’s sad. Now I look and think “Trout pout.”

  27. Faye

    Damn that’s one huge lips!!!

  28. dbzfanatic

    This is photo shop at its best there’s no way she could be that ugly.

  29. China2u

    wtf? She looks a H.A.M! What is going on with these black women in Hollywierd?

  30. Tom Daveson

    Hey Tisha Tar Baby campbell. Go back to afica you coon!

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