Poor Sienna

October 10th, 2005 // 11 Comments

Say it ain’t so!!! Britan’s Sunday Mirror is now reporting that Jude Law has dumped Sienna Miller saying “Jude has decided he and Sienna have no future and the relationship has become destructive.”
I hope for that girl’s sake that she was the dumper instead of the dumpee.
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  1. Cynthia

    Well, if it IS true, she got what she deserved. She should have dumped the bastard a while ago….

  2. dottcomm1

    please. they’re made for each other. remember, jude cheated on his wife with sienna. what does she expect?

  3. Mrs.Logan

    Puuurlease!!!! Jude dumped sienna because after all that liz hurley esqe wronged woman show and those stupid comandments she had been cheating on him with his close friend who was her love interest in Layer Cake. Keep up people – the hypocritical bitch deserved it!!!!

  4. Verity

    Well some British tabloids are saying that Jude dumped Sienna because she admitted to an affair with his friend and Layer Cake star Daniel Craig.

    If this is true – I’m loving it. She makes him beg and beg to get her back then she does the dirty straight back on him.

    Then again, you can never be sure with the British tabloids.

  5. Cheesy

    Mamma always said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    I guess now that Sienna’s bun is no longer in the oven, Jude didn’t mean all the woo he pitched?

  6. Lisa

    Jude was probably sick of the guilt trip she was putting on him. He thought, “Hey, I’m Jude Law, I can gets lots of girls.”

    And sadly, he is right.

  7. Tajue

    It’s all too obvious. Jude got Sienna back only to save his reputation. His task successfully completed… JUDE promptly dumps SIENNA. If I saw this coming, why didn’t Sienna? Is she retarded?

  8. Cynthia

    Well, yeah….come to think of it, she IS retarded!

  9. Natalie

    When the whole Nannygate thing came out…Pagesix (I think Liz Smith) wrote that Sienna had a “coke induced” affair with one of Jude’s “All the King’s Men” co-star that is older and married. Sean Penn? If it is Sean, I wouldn’t be surprised, but I do find him attractive in a weird way. So, both of them cheat. They totally deserve each other.

  10. dottcomm1

    she cheated on him with his good friend, daniel craig:


    wasn’t she the one who said infidelity is the worst thing?

  11. Ross Geller

    They were on a FUCKING BREAK!

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