Poor Jude Law

…is poor. Or so he claims.

Earning millions of dollars per picture allows movie stars a life of luxury, but it is not often one will claim that they have to pinch some pennies. However, English star Jude Law claims that his fat paychecks have not piled up over the years and since his divorce settlement he has been scaling down his lifestyle. The hunky actor, who has received Oscar nominations for his work, says that divorcing wife Sadie Frost left him with little money in the bank. The couple, who split after having three children together, are now on good terms despite the financial woes. The one time sexiest man alive says, “I haven’t got any money. I’m renting my house and I’m trying to save up so I can buy it.”

I’m going to need Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes to sit me down and explain again how you can be making so much money and still end up broke as a joke.

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