Poor Elin, only getting $100 Million From Tiger Woods?

We certainly hope you realize our headline is a joke. Yesterday we ran with reports that said Elin Nordegren would be getting a $750 million paycheck once her divorce with Tiger Woods was final. However, today that sum is apparently much, much smaller.

A measly $100 million. Who can even live off that these days? Sheesh.

Meanwhile, Tiger continues to suck back on the golf course, admitting that sometimes it’s difficult for him to concentrate on the game at hand.

“Outside the ropes there are certainly still distractions. It is what it is,” he said at a news conference Wednesday. “I think everyone has had distractions in their lives [but] I think that my life out here on tour is becoming more normalized.”

Woods says he hopes his young fans can learn that “you’re not always going to go through life perfect. No one does,” he said. “When you make a mistake, step up to the plate and take ownership of it.”

When you make many, many, many mistakes…grab a chair and just sit down by that plate because you’ll be there a while. That’s my tip of the day.