Poll: What Do You Think Of Zac Efron’s Burgundy Suit?

Oh Zac Efron.  Your eyebrows are perfectly shaped and you give a smoldering look that says “I’ve graduated Disney, beautiful lady,” but we’re not entirely sure that we’re in love with your George Clinton suit.

This doesn’t take away from your overall awesomeness, but few gents can pull off a suit like that.  Vote Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down after the jump, because we want to see if we’re alone on this opinion.

Efron was joined by The Lucky One co-star, Taylor Schilling at Cinestar in Berlin, German today (April 25th).  Schilling wore an Alaia dress with Neil Lane jewels and Jimmy Choo heels.

Cher: “Oh no.  This is an Alaia!”

Robber: “An a-what-a?”  

Cher: “An Alaia.  It’s like, a totally important designer.”

Robber: “An I will totally shoot you in the head.”