Please Don’t Do This To Me

All the hype might have been for nothing. Jossip is claiming that OK! editrix Sarah Ivens is talking out her blowhole (that’s charming, J.) and doesn’t really have any kind of crazy pics of Britney from the much-talked about Britney amok photoshoot. Britney might have gotten a pass on this one. Chins are wagging that Ivens is trying to blow up what is essentially nothing to get some readership for OK! because it’s not doing that well. An “informant” states:

OK! has no Britney exclsuive [sic] photos and the interview’s bad…no real revelations. Sarah Ivens is trying to make herself look good in front of her bosses as her ass is on the line because sales are poor. Richard Desmond’s pumping millions into it but news stand sales struggle to get above 400,000. No one wants to advertise in the magazine. He’s losing patience with Ivens. She’s planning her exit strategy by putting out stories about herself.

Can we trust an informant that can’t spell “exclusive”? Because homeless junkies have better grammar than I do, and people don’t trust me a lick! All we’ve seen so far is a few photog shots from the shoot from outside. I want to see craziness and Britney wiping dog shit with an expensive dress! OK! better come through on Friday or I’m cancelling my subscription on Friday! By “subscription” I mean when I page through it while waiting in line at the checkout, and some old douche is behind me squawking at me to move faster so she can get home and watch her “programs”. Nasty old bag.