Please Enjoy Watching Zac Efron Teach Bear Grylls How To Dance

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We dare you not to blush.
Remember when we saw Zac Efron dance in that Instagram video and everything felt right in the world?

Well he’s dancing again. And this time he’s showing Bear Grylls how, too. Yay! Sure, we could focus on the bit in his Running Wild with Bear Grylls episode where he talks about using alcohol as a “social lubricant.”

Or we could even watch him shirtless rappel down a cliff. But I’m gonna say it: him dancing is better than all of that. And it’s after the jump. 

OK, so shirtless rappelling is pretty good too. But here’s the dancing! While Zac and Bear lounge on the floor munching on lunch, the TV host mentions how he can’t dance. Then he shows us just how bad he is. That’s when Zac comes on with his little, Michael Jackson-esque move. It’s the same thing as his wiggle video move. Does he only have one move?

Thanks to his amazing performance of “Bet On It” in High School Musical 2, I’m gonna say no. But the arguments are compelling. Watch Zac showing off his moves below, and if you need more hot Zefron, launch the gallery.