Please Don’t Grab Salma Hayek’s Boobs, Oliver Stone [PHOTOS]

Blake Lively
The 'Gossip Girl' star at Michael Kors back in 2008.
My oh my, were Salma Hayek’s girls out to play in London or what?  The Savages star joined John Travolta and Oliver Stone for a photocall at the Mandarin Oriental to promote the flick, but let’s be serious: The focus was on one glorious rack whose owner dressed it in Roland Mouret.

Jeepers crow, that dress fits Hayek like a glove.  WERK.  IT.

Noticeably absent were co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Blake Lively, who secretly got married over the weekend to dreamboat Ryan Reynolds.

So the fellas have Hayek to oogle over, which is all well and good.  Where is Tim Riggins!  Am I right, ladies?