Play Nice: A Note To Our Beloved Readers

June 11th, 2007 // 17 Comments

Hey everyone. J. Harvey here. So recently, it was brought to our attention that some people on our message boards feel “threatened” by other people on the message board. I can understand why, my lack of grammar is completely terrifying. No, for reals – certain subjects (*cough* Angelina) get people all wound up and ready to rumble. And people get heated. And then they start hurling accusations at each other over different subjects (*cough* Brad). We’re launching a major redesign soon, and we fully opened up our comment boards to everyone and his mom in preparation for that. With the advent of our new redesign (which looks AMAZING, wait’ll you see the artwork alone! And the lack of clutter! And my name is in even BIGGER type), people will have to use a login to comment so it should take care of fairweather psychos. But it the meantime, here’s the gist – act your age, not your shoe size. And don’t threaten or scare people. Seriously, this is a fun gossip blog, not the barroom down the ghetto. We love the snark, you love the snark. But not when people feel they need to start packing a taser when they go in to comment. If people start acting out and making other people not want to come here anymore, we’re gonna have to start banning people. And no one wants A Socialite’s Life to become a police state. Though I would look totally hot in a sherrif’s uniform.

In closing, play nice. And a HUGE thank you to all of our beloved readers – new and old. We live to inform and entertain you with all the snarky hot gossip, and fashion and music that you can take. And then some.

By J. Harvey

  1. TinMan

    Amen, dude. This place is supposed to be F-U-N, not aggroville.

  2. jill

    Agreed. Save the psycho comments for, that place is a nut house.

  3. ho ho

    Right now I’m crying on the inside. How the hell could anyone feal threatened on a web sight. Everyone needs to grow the fuck up.

  4. S_M_G

    Hahaha! People feel threatened on a message board, hahaha!

    I needed a good laugh, thanks man :-)

    Don’t take everything so seriously people :P

  5. green cardigan

    Threatened by a message board….that is really a sign o’ the times !

  6. Ldysunfyre

    I’ve been around on this site since it was an actual blog run by someone using the name “Miu” (so as to remain anonymous…heh). It’s gone through this type of thing periodically.

    There are assholes anywhere you go folks. I would imagine the vast majority of the ones you find on here are just peeps having bad days at work and taking it out on the poor unfortunate folks here as a form of cathartic release. Who knows.

    Regardless, not every assholish comment requires your response or a defense. Just roll with it and know that maybe your life doesn’t suck as much as theirs…then smile.

  7. Kare Bear

    S_M_G said:
    Hahaha! People feel threatened on a message board, hahaha!

    I needed a good laugh, thanks man :-)

    Don’t take everything so seriously people :P
    I agree…see this is a clear indication to all those people who feel “threatened”, S_M_G & I rarely see eye to eye on issues especially when they are refering to Brangelina but this one we are in full agreement on.

    I cannot understand HOW a person could realistically say that they feel threatened I mean come on do I really have a cute picture on my belly and will someone go looking for me in Care-a-Lot?

    The fun of this website is the differing opinions, sure it can get tense but honestly at the end of the day the whole thing is blowing off steam caused by tension at the workplace…this place is my little fantasyland to distract me or get me through the day.

    It’s all love here people…cyberthugs are corny

  8. Cyber thugs ARE corny. I love it when people threaten me under an anon name on a friggin’ computer.

  9. stolidog

    mmmm, uniforms.

  10. When i saw the pandas i thought i had clicked on by mistake?!!!?

    Great call ASL. Keep the crazy to a min. BUT, would still love the uniform! that’s hot!

  11. mutterhals

    If something threatens you on a comment board, seek help, as you are failing at life. These are just words and pssst….no one can see you.

  12. lookwhaticando

    mutterhals said:
    If something threatens you on a comment board, seek help, as you are failing at life. These are just words and pssst….no one can see you.

    Posted on June 11, 2007 03:02 PM



  13. SDL

    I don’t know about the threats, I haven’t added my comments for that long a period. I’m a well-educated professional person, who started coming to these sites solely for fun and a chance to unwind from a hard day. Most contributors add their point of views with wit, silliness, sincerity, sarcasism, or whatever palatable style that’s readibly, including tedious, even oftentimes, degrading. However,there is a growing number whose comments are filled with dirty,hateful, crude curse laden sentiments. I’m far from a prude, but those type comments are not entertaining and aren’t worthy of this site. There’s a lot of celebrity blogs that draw people who make those type responses..go to those.

  14. Joya

    Yes daaaad. ;o)

  15. S_M_G

    LMAO at Joya :-))

  16. Meet me if you can find me

    Wow, fear of posting. The beauty of the Al Gore’s creation — this beautiful Interweb — is that we can all say anything without fear. I harken back to the sticks and stones days of my youth, and since SkyNet has not yet figured out how to use my computer to inflict pain, I fear none of you, or your views and responses. Those of you that seem to get terified, seek help now, because I have a hunch this blog related anxiety is the least of your daily struggles.

  17. Zekers

    Hey J., I understand why you felt like you had to say SOMETHING but seriously, people are feeling threatened??? I know the Angelina/Brad/Jen thing gets pretty crazy sometimes and there is some pretty juvenile name-calling stuff but threatened??? I really enjoy coming here and enjoy the banter-both participating in it and just reading it. There aren’t many blogs that I laugh out loud when I read them but between some of the comments and J.’s stuff…it’s fun!

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