Plastic Teens Get A Pay Upgrade

Seriously, when are they gonna get back in their pods and fly back to the mothership? These kids aren’t real! They’re carved out of radioactive cream cheese! They’re going to replace you! You’ll have better skin and a hot haircut, but you won’t be able to swear or be open about your sexuality! Though I like how one of those chicks is named after a dog. That’s a hot move. Anyway, the stars of “High School Musical” and “High School Musical 2″ and the umpteen sequels they’re gonna birth until the kids tire and no-names take their place and you can only get “High School Music 7: Going For Our MBA!” in the bargain basement bin at a Blockbuster…jesus that was a run-on. And I know run-ons. Anyway, they got a raise.

Life & Style reports that leading the charge is Zac, 19, the series’ breakout star, who’s gone on record saying he hopes not to do many more sequels. He’s just been offered $2.75 million, says an insider close to him, and other leads have been offered $1 million. But no one has signed on the dotted line.”Zac’s telling the other actors to make sure they get what they deserve,” says the Zac insider. “He’s telling them their worth and showing them what else is out there.”

Zac was paid one million for “2”. So he got himself some scratch. Every parent I know is suffering through the “High School Musical” nightmare. Kids watch that mess over and over and over again. You know there’s some sort of signal in there that’s going to take these kids over. I’m going to wake up and all the kids in the neighborhood are going to be hovering outside my window, and wearing Hollister and have tans and trying to hypnotize me into joining their wholesome teen master race.


More photos of the stars of High School Musical 2 as they sign copies of the soundtrack to the movie and attend the press conference for the UK premiere after the jump.


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