Plastic Surgery Addict Heidi Montag Causes Kidnapping Scare

January 14th, 2010 // 7 Comments

These pictures of Heidi Montag signing copies of her book at Borders were taken before the reality TV starlet underwent a whopping ten plastic surgery procedures in a single day. And as a result of her enthusiasm to go under the knife, a mistaken kidnapping claim had police rushing to her Los Angeles home.

For her cover on People magazine, Heidi shows off her new face and body with the headline, “Addicted to Plastic Surgery” along with a photo revealing her new look. As a result, Montag rushed into her house with a scarf covering her face, as part of her agreement to do the cover.

However, a witness to Heidi’s attempt at secrecy misinterpreted the situation as a kidnapping and called the LAPD, who quickly arrived on the scene. Montag later explained, “We’re grateful this was only a false alarm and I just had my pink Hermes scarf over me…We’re thankful to the LAPD for their response and making sure we were safe.”

Yes, what lovely news. *Sigh*

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Marge

    Too bad she can’t have surgery on her personality. So annoying. Please shrivel up and die…………….

  2. Dwiddle Dee Dee

    She’s probably hearing the clock nearing the 15 minute deadline and is getting extremely desperate.

  3. Brooke

    What a loser. She’s younger than me and she’s had THAT much done to her? Some of these surgeries sound like things only elderly women would get (neck lipo? Seriously, Heidi?).

    And I love that she just had to point out her scarf was Hermes. Thank GOD it wasn’t her scarf from WAL-MART… like any talented and naturally beautiful disciple of Christ would do, she is staying oh-so humble.


  4. Bob

    What’s with the “we” in her statement?
    Is she royalty now?

  5. speidi is pathetic

    Wow, how sad and pathetic. You’re an attention whore, Heidi. Stop saying you’re Christian because if you were, you would be proud of what God gave you. I can’t wait till your 15 min. is up; you and Spencer are the most hated celebrities of all time (in my book, anyway).

  6. Martiniman

    Crash and burn coming….

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