Plastic Surgeon Guesses Britney Spears Has Aged About Ten Years

After looking at before and after pictures of Britney Spears–including a current photo of the mother of two, as well as a picture of the pop-tartlet from three years prior–top plastic surgeon, Alex Karisdis, states that Brit-Brit looks as if she’s aged way more than she should have during that time. From The Daily Mail:

The leading Harley Street surgeon said: “Britney has undoubtedly changed. One can see that she might have aged ten years.”

“There’s no way Britney can be looking this much older within three years unless she’s abusing her body.”

Mr. Karisdis told Heat magazine he believes it is Britney’s constant clubbing, late nights and junk food diet that has taken its toll on the singer, who is also mum to Sean Preston and three-month-old Jayden James.

“Her hair is receding and it lacks the fullness and body of previous years,” he says.

To be fair, perhaps Britney’s weave has aged faster than she has. Who knows what kind of partying it does while she sleeps?

‘Britney has aged 10 years in just three”, says plastic surgeon [The Daily Mail]