Pippa: The OTHER Middleton Sister [PHOTOS]

November 15th, 2011 // 5 Comments

Yes, yes, the world has taken a liking to Phillipa (Pippa) Middleton, younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge/possible lady-in-waiting to the future Queen of England.

Pippa, born September 6th 1983, is said to be a bit more of an extrovert than Catherine, and a little bossier in terms of organization parties and getting everyone fired up at gatherings.  “Pippa’s quite bossy in a smiley way — she definitely sits on the drawing room throne.  She loves getting everyone to play party games.”

PHOTOS: Pippa Middleton Gets Noticed At The Royal Wedding

Another admired added,”Pippa’s an ambitious girl and more outgoing than Kate, (via Daily Mail back in February).  “She’s very sexy, exuberant and cheerful, and, of course, being a future Queen’s sister gives flirting with her an extra frisson.”

Who says this girl won’t land a decent gent?  Pippa’s a catch!  “She’s a very jolly hockey sticks kind of girl. She’ll be the one suggesting charades, organising people into teams, and cutting up bits of paper,” the source added.

Check out photos of Pip Pip Hooray in our gallery BRW (Before the royal wedding).

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Jennifer B

    She is not as pretty or classy as her sister. She also needs to step away from the tanning. Her skin is beginning to look leather-like.

  2. Pippa Middleton Fuschia Fascinator Black Jacket St. Michael's Church Alnwick
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    She, Kate, and their mother are very pretty. Pippa has a figure that is to die for.

  3. Pippa Middleton Zebra Print Dress Starlight Charity Party
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    Se has amazing legs. Come to think of it, Kate does too.

  4. Pippa Middleton Black White Sundress England
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    She looks especially pretty here.

  5. Kate Witch Costume Pippa Orange Dress Halloween Mahiki
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    Kate looks good here.

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