Pippa Middleton’s Disappointing Book Sales: Why People Won’t Buy ‘Celebrate’

Pippa In Kate Spade
Middleton wore the brand's 'Garby' coat.
Pippa Middleton got the short end of the fame stick.  Her sister is adored by millions the world over and is virtually untouchable by most media standards.

Pippa, on the other hand, has to watch her every move so as not to (allegedly) upset the palace and ultimately, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Other than having a good giggle at the reason for her surge in popularity, Pippa appears to just want to get on with her own life and forge her own career path.  With a degree from the University of Edinburgh and many a PR job to boast of her on CV (resume), Pippa just wants to respect for her talent, damn it.

News of Celebrate’s poor sales have hit the internet, and I can’t help but wonder why other members of the press are being so cruel to Pipps.  A half-million dollar advance was a pretty big sum for a first-time author, but we assumed the publishers knew what they were doing.  When UK sales of the party planning book only hit 2,000 copies in its first week of release, Penguin was no doubt disappointed.  Now the book is being sold at a discount rate through various vendors.

I, for one, am quite looking forward to receiving my copy, and I can’t help but think that Pippa has come under fire not for her book, but for her position (society gal-about-town).  I do, however, wish that the publishers had allowed Pippa to do a few interviews.  Nothing serious, but enough to push the book.  My fellow peeps on Twitter felt the same way, more or less:



PS-How much are you loving the Johanna Simonds “Poppy” earrings Pippa wore out to dinner at Roka Restaurant last Friday night?  And yes, she was spotted at Loulou’s with her new man, James Matthews.

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