Pippa Middleton Plays A Cruel Joke On Duchess Kate [PHOTOS]

April 20th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

After a week of staying away from cameras, Pippa Middleton was photographed in London heading to the Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa today (April 20th).  Reports claim that Middleton stayed at her parents home in Bucklebury until the Parisian gun story below over.

Now Magazine has spoken to a jewelry shop owner who claims to be one of the Middleton family’s “favorite jewelers.”  During one trip with Carole Middleton and the now Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa thought it would be funny to hide her sister’s engagement ring while she wasn’t looking.  ”Pippa is a little minx – she has a wicked sense of humour,” the jeweler said.

“Once, all three of the Middleton ladies came into browse, and while Kate Middleton took off her engagement ring - Diana’s – to try on another she liked, Pippa sneakily hid it.”  I’d kill her.  I’d f’ing kill her.

“Pippa let Kate panic for a few minutes before confessing. She found it extremely funny,” the shop owner added.  ”Not surprisingly, Kate wasn’t so amused!’

Ohhhh, Philipa.  She’s been called a “jolly hockeysticks” kind of girl with a naughty sense of humor. 

By Kelly Lynch

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