Pippa Middleton Hangs With Her Wealthy Ex In Wake Of Split

The sun has set on Pippa Middleton’s relationship with her well-bred boyfriend, Alex Loudon, which sources tell the Daily Mail ended because Loudon’s blueblood family didn’t see Middleton as wife material.  The conservative stuffertons felt that Middleton’s picture showed up in the papers too much and her new sex symbol status didn’t fit in with their traditional values.  Hmmph.  She’s not a Page Three girl!  She’s a lady-about-town with a degree from Edinburgh University and strong family values!

Anyway, the Mail reports that Middleton spent last weekend with close friend/ex-boyfriend George Percy, (or Earl Percy, son of the 12th Duke of Northumberland) at Alnwick Castle, his family’s home shooting grouse.  Fun fact: Alnwick was featured as Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films.  They also attended mass at St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church, where Pipps sat in the front pew with Percy’s parents, who attended Catherine and William’s wedding along with their other children.

PHOTOS: Pippa Middleton Popped Down To Madrid With George Percy Last May

Apparently Loudon did NOT like Middleton’s relationship with Percy, though this wasn’t the reason for their split.  Middleton, wearing Fay’s “Montgomery” coat in Loden Green, was seen on her usual route to work today (November 15th) in London.