Pippa Middleton Grabs Breakie, Reportedly Exploring A New Gig [PHOTOS]

24 Pics Of Pippa Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister.
Ever since Pippa Middleton filed a complaint against the paparazzi for causing her “serious distress and anxiety” during her daily walks to work, photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister have been few and far between.

Today (June 14th), Middleton was spotted grabbing a banana and coffee in the Chelsea neighborhood of London, where she lives in a flat owned by her family.  Yesterday, PippaMiddleton.com tweeted to followers that the party planner’s highly-anticipated book, Celebrate is available for pre-order on Amazon.com (they’ve even got a sneak peek at the cover).

It appears that Middleton is looking to move from basic party planning to the more lucrative business of wedding planning, according to the International Business Times.  “She is keen to move into party planning for society wedding receptions – it would be perfect for her,” a source claims. 

Good on Pipps.  She’s not the first person in the royal circle to have a career in party planning.  Queen Elizabeth’s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson has been a party planner for about fifty years now, putting together events for Her Majesty, Bill Clinton and Sir Mick Jagger, to name a few.

Go forth and plan, I say.