Pippa Middleton Goes 18th Century, Hand-In-Hand With A New Man [PHOTOS]

24 Pics Of Pippa Middleton
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister.
Pippa Middleton was the belle of the ball last night.

The socialite is currently in Paris to celebrate the birthday of her good friend,  Viscount Arthur de Soultrait. The theme was 18th century and people got into it!

Pippa sported a cute pink number which she modernized with leggings, gold shoes and a leather jacket. She looked fabulous, as always. So who did Pippa leave with last night? 

She ended the night leaving hand-in-hand with Antoine De Tavernost, who is, obviously, hot. And rich. Pippa knows how to pick her men!

Check out all the photos in the gallery and tell us if you think there’s a future for Pippa and Antoine. Or just a night of heavy petting.