Pippa Middleton Gives Her First Waitrose Kitchen Column The Old College Try [PHOTOS]

Carole & Pippa Middleton
Mother and daughter walking in London.
Pippa Middleton’s been taking her lumps for a number of ventures recently.  Her debut book, Celebrate, went over like a lead balloon, and she’s been accused of cashing in on her royal connections (an accusation I find to be very unfair).

As we mentioned back in February, Middleton has joined Waitrose Kitchen’s magazine as a food columnist.  Some (specifically the Daily Mail) aren’t totally in love with Middleton first go at her new gig. 

A closer look at the recipes – using many exotic ingredients that would cost around £115 to buy from scratch – reveals that the portions allocated for each diner are, for a meal termed a ‘feast’, actually minute. To double up would be to incur costs of £215 for one meal.

My opinion?  Let the poor girl do her thing, and stop being so damn critical of everything she puts in writing.

Perhaps even try one of the recipes, and report back to me.