Pippa Middleton Defends Her Book To Critics, Goes To Book Store In London [PHOTOS]

The Royal Wedding
The event that brought us Pippa!
It is a couple of weeks since the UK launch of Pippa Middleton‘s book, Celebrate: A Year Of Festivities For Families And Friends and it appears as though critics are not being very nice. They are saying that the book as well as its author failed to impress!

The critics also believe that the book is just too basic. To defend her book, Pippa published an essay on Sunday confronting her critics.

She wrote:

I could have written a book that showcased the most extravagant or elaborate of occasions- after all, I spent three years working for an events company planning parties- but I wanted to produce something that was achievable; something that people would have on their shelves for years; something that was not too fussy- just simple and comforting.

So we want to hear what you think. Do you think critics are just being nasty with Pippa because she’s the sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge? Share your thoughts in comments and make sure to launch the gallery for photos of Pippa in London!