Pippa Middleton Comes Under Fire For Her $1.5 Million Book Deal

The Daily Mail reported on Sunday that Pippa Middleton had a few meetings with HarperCollins publishers to discuss a party planning book, a deal which would earn Prince William’s sister-in-law $1.5 million.  Middleton, who runs The Party Times blog for Party Pieces, owned by her parents, plans to give advice on what to serve at an event, decorating and etiquette.

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However, news of a potential book deal reportedly isn’t sitting well with the public.  Tom Sykes of the Daily Beast (via Us Weekly)  wrote that now is “hardly the perfect moment, culturally, for a privileged young lady who will one day be the queen’s sister to be bringing out a guide to entertaining in style, especially when Kate is the woman who can do no wrong, engaging in thoroughly worthy pursuits such as raising the profile of UNICEF in drought-hit Kenya.”

My thoughts on this issue?  I don’t see a problem with Middleton putting out a book on something she’s very passionate about.  Even though she is Her Royal Highness’s sister, Middleton is still a private citizen who has done everything possible to not embarrass both Catherine and the royal family.  The book, I imagine, will be done tastefully.  Perhaps Middleton can donate a portion of the proceeds from the book when it hits stores.

PHOTOS: Pippa Middleton Covers Up While Attending A Charity Event In England

Wearing the “Yvette” jacket in french navy by Sara Berman (via InStyle), Middleton made her daily trek to work in London yesterday (November 3rd).

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