Pippa Middleton & Boyfriend Nico Jackson Stun At Sugarplum Ball, May Have Wedding Plans For 2014

Mindy Lee | November 21, 2013 - 5:00 pm

Pippa In Purple
The party planner promoted 'Celebrate' in Holland.
Pippa Middleton and her stockbroker boyfriend Nico Jackson were spotted out in London last night, but wait! Before you read any further, please take a few seconds to take in the miracle that is Jackson’s intensely blue eyes.

Woah. That was worth it, right?

The couple, who have been dating for eight months, looked beautiful as they arrived at the exceedingly British and pleasant-sounding Sugarplum Ball.

While the two are reportedly not engaged, there is still talk of wedding plans in their future. A source claimed that Pippa, who has been working as a columnist for Waitrose Kitchen magazine, is “hunting out suitable wedding venues on her next trip to Scotland.”

“Nico loves the country too – he thinks it’s beautiful,” the source revealed, “but when it comes to wedding planning he’ll leave that to Pippa…and what she wants at the moment is a wedding in the Scottish Highlands.”

As for the 35-year-old Nico, he “would love a honeymoon in the Caribbean and a great stag party.” Oh you charming British folk, calling bachelor parties “stag parties,” and making me envision a trashed hotel room full of male deer.

My humble guess is that Pippa and Nico’s wedding might be a tad smaller than the Royal Wedding of 2011, but any ceremony that isn’t 500 hours long and involves a choir of children sounds like a better time to me. Launch the gallery to see the couple together, and let us know in the comments – whose wedding would you rather attend?

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