Pink Wants To Give Her Husband A Show

March 23rd, 2006 // 14 Comments

Apparently Pink has been taking classes to learn how to pole dance for her husband. She’s even flown dancers in to learn from them. You go girl.

Pink has reportedly asked that a 12ft pole is installed in her dressing room – because she wants to give hubby Carey Hart a sexy pre-show treat.

The star – who has allegedly been taking lessons for her erotic show – has also flown in four lapdancers from top Los Angeles club, The Body Shop.

An insider told Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper: “Pink wants a party all of her own before the show for her fans begins…Pink plans to have a lot of fun with the lapdancers both on stage and off…By the end of the night Carey will think all his Christmases have come at once.”

Pink’s Sex Dance [All Headline News]

(Images via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Tracy

    I think pink is cool and all…..BUT.. the photographer at Blender should be fired.

    She looks like shit here!

  2. Small Fry

    The last picture frightens me. WTF…ripped pantyhose near the crotch area? What are the insinuating???

  3. c.daahl

    God, for a woman who keeps screaming in people’s ears about not being a “stupid girl”… she’s a frickin’ hypocrite for trying to be a STRIPPER… what a stupid girl she is, she’s just like the rest of the girls she complains about…

  4. Me

    c.daahl- that was the first thing I thought of too. What is so sexy about pole dancing when you stop and think about the life of a stripper. Maybe that “stupid girl” didn’t stop and think?

  5. I have swooped on pink before this guy she is with now. She danced decent back then…not great…decent…

  6. jjr

    pink follows the beat of a different drum.. she enjoys giving her husband a show in thier private home. More power to her. Maybe he’ll go out and take male stripping lessons. Anything to keep the marriage spicy. As for Stupid girls I totally agree with Pink. She hits the nail right on the head. Now, everyone is coming out and admitting to eating disorders.

  7. Tracy

    I totally disagree with the comment of Pink being a hypocrite for being a stripper.
    Why? Because Pink is doing it for her husband and her marriage, NOT for the world.

  8. danny

    ok, those pictures arent hot. its like someone raped her with a tanning hose. ew ew ew. i liked pink better when she was um, oh wait pink sucks

  9. las

    Why’s it hypocritical? Until she does it onstage, a la Britney/Madonna/Jessica, it’s not hypocritical. :) She’s only pole-stripping for the guy she’s married to.

  10. tia

    las, tracy, and jjr .. I totally agree with you guys.

  11. C

    Tracy, my sentiments exactly. What is so wrong for entertaining your husband like that? He would LOVE it if his wife gave him a lapdance or stripped for him. Also, it will keep him where he belongs – with her.

  12. kat

    right. pink’s not a hypocrite and she would never play up her sexuality.
    she totally tripped and fell onto the lady marmalade video set and accidently wandered into all the subsequent performances.
    go pink, high school drop out. no stupid girls around here.

  13. Mara

    dyke…carey just must not give a fuck!

  14. c.daahl

    Uh… do you guys not see her spread eagle with her crotch on display? Yah, that’s really running to the beat of her own drum.

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