Pink Vows To Never Divorce

February 15th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Oh sweetie, what a diluted perception of marriage you have, if you can boldly state that you will never divorce. Pink and her husband Carey Hart, don’t fight. The couple’s secret? They hardly spend any time with one another.

The sexy singer, who recently tied the knot with the with motocross racer, is confident the pair will remain together because, unlike other couples who get sick of each other, they are apart a lot which keeps their romance fresh.

She explained: “We’re never together long enough to fight. I’ll see him in March, maybe, if he comes home for my brother’s wedding, but that’s unlikely.”

Pink has also admitted she is sweet on Carey – because he is like a scrumptious slice of “pumpkin pie”. She is quoted by Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper as saying: “Carey is a piece of pumpkin pie. I like pumpkin pie.”

We have a feeling that one day, Pink is going to want that pumpkin pie, ala mode. If you know what I mean.

Pink will never divorce [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. d.c.

    Yeah Yeah.. newlyweds.. we all make lovey-dovey statements like that when the bloom is new on the bud.. we are so buzy in our careers? I hope it stays true.. when someday, it’s gonna be 24/7 for a year or more in your face to take some time off and enjoy homelife.. and uh oh.. all bets off?

  2. TheOldMarriedWomanOnThe5thFloor

    Bless her heart, she is so naive.

  3. My sister-in-law said that very thing to me right after she got married. It lasted 4 years.
    Wha? Huh? I thought…….

  4. getreal

    Duh, of course she’ll never get divorced because she’s so hardcore that she’d probably kill him rather than let him divorce her.

  5. doofus

    I guess what Pink fails to realize is that, along with not being able to fight, when you don’t spend time together, you ALSO can’t work on building your life together.

    it also give you ample opportunity for…uh…shall we say “extra-curricular activities”?…and not just sex. if your significant other is not there to share things with you, you tend to look for someone else to share things with, and you wind up with what the relationship counselors call a “emotional affair”, which often leads to a physical one.

  6. Lindsey G

    Well I guess pink will just get divorced as soon as both of their careers are at a standstill and they are FORCEd to be together. Oh pink, don’t say things that we’ll rip apart in the blogs!

  7. nevermind

    Go Pink! I love the optimism. I hope it does work out. It probably will because as you can see, see is a REAL woman (no cantalopes or orange halves stuffed in her chest). She looks great! I applaud her!

  8. Small Fry

    Never say never!

  9. Professor Confessor

    Pink is musical guano.

  10. Sodoff

    PLEASE! Pink has and always will look hit! She’s disgusting, and a hackworthy “singer”. From what I know of Carey Hart, he’s seems to be a good guy. Hopefully common sense with one day awaken him and he’ll leave her, or a stray bullet will tear thorugh her head!

  11. JoJo

    Sexy Singer? Really? Who’s writing this stuff? Yuk!

  12. whoever

    its pretty sad that now a days its laughable to expect not to get divorced when you vow to stay together forever

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