Pink Vows To Never Divorce

Oh sweetie, what a diluted perception of marriage you have, if you can boldly state that you will never divorce. Pink and her husband Carey Hart, don’t fight. The couple’s secret? They hardly spend any time with one another.

The sexy singer, who recently tied the knot with the with motocross racer, is confident the pair will remain together because, unlike other couples who get sick of each other, they are apart a lot which keeps their romance fresh.

She explained: “We’re never together long enough to fight. I’ll see him in March, maybe, if he comes home for my brother’s wedding, but that’s unlikely.”

Pink has also admitted she is sweet on Carey – because he is like a scrumptious slice of “pumpkin pie”. She is quoted by Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper as saying: “Carey is a piece of pumpkin pie. I like pumpkin pie.”

We have a feeling that one day, Pink is going to want that pumpkin pie, ala mode. If you know what I mean.

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