Pink In Beverly Hills

July 11th, 2005 // 19 Comments

Oh my goodness. Where to start? The shoes. The sparkly dress? The bag?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. medea

    she looks pretty.

  2. i think she looks really nice.

  3. Glittersuicide

    She looks like a tall midget

  4. ella

    she looks like a pit bull….

  5. Christina

    The trapper keeper?

  6. Ha! Trapper Keeper is funny.
    I think she looks normal. You know how hard that is for celebs.

  7. chiquita

    i’m sorry, but pink always looks like an ugly boy to me. she really needs to soften that jaw line.

  8. Laura

    At least she is dressing like a female.

  9. i think she looks awsome, that’s her unique style. plus she just got engaged to Carey Hart! Congrats to her!

  10. typerT

    I think she looks just like Pink~ Great, fun style, and on a mission! Maybe not the purse so much, but overall, she looks Cute:)

  11. medea

    She has a fine ass man. She looks cute in those shades.What kind are they?

  12. Jake

    She’s hot. The binder’s a little strange, though. Is her homework in it?

  13. The bag and shoes are hideous – but the dress looks a little like vintage Missoni. I’ll bet that binder has all of her wedding planning stuff in it.

  14. Steve

    WOW! Pink really is a girl!!

  15. nice dress…

    Steve, please note that women do not always have to pour themselves into girly-things for them to be “girls”

  16. Steve

    It was a joke, have a seat troll.

  17. ilostmyshoe

    She looks like Tori Spelling’s hard core cousin.
    You go Pink !

  18. lala

    she looks, (*gasp* dare I say it?) Nice.
    Pink, looks nice. I never thought I’d see the day.

  19. louielouie

    I think she looks nice, like an art-school girlfriend

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