The Thrill Is Gone Between Pink and Carey Hart

According to Pink’s publicist, Michele Schweitzer, the pop star and her husband have amicably separated. Schweitzer told People magazine, “While the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger.” That sucks. I like Pink because she seems like a good time, if not a little too much of a good time. Rumors had surfaced last summer, that the couple was going through a rough patch, but Hart referred to those rumblings as “just a bunch of trash talk.” The couple were together for about two years before this announcement of their separation was made.

And, if I remember correctly, Carey had planned on tattooing his wife’s name down his ring finger, which is just making me nod my head. People, Hollywood, marriages and tattoos just don’t mix. It never works.

But it just might work for me and my boyfriend. Let the great experiment begin!

Photos: WENN