Pink And Sandra Bullock Vs. Michelle”Bombshell” McGee

In fame-seeking skank news, Michelle “Bombshell” McGee and moto-boy Carey Hart reportedly used to scissor each other silly before McGee’s explosive affair with Jesse James.

McGee’s ex-husband (who sounds as pathetic as her) recently told, “This was before her time with Jesse James. It is so typical of Michelle because she always goes for the guy who she thinks has the deepest pockets. It’s horrible because she sleeps with anybody who she believes can help her out.”

Really? This chick is a big, money-grubbing whore? Nothing gets by you guys. Maybe you shouldn’t have married her, big guy. Although Carey and Pink were said to be estranged at the time of said dirty events, I still think Pink should unite with Sandra Bullock and drop-kick-a-bitch.