Pink Doesn’t Want You At Her House

In yet another celebrity Twitter rant (Twitter is the devil!), Pink wrote:

“FYI: it is NEVER OKAY 2 ring someone’s doorbell and ask them for a picture or an autograph.

“Why people don’t know this truly boggles my mind.”

For the record, Pink is currently at home after approximately two years on the road.

Can’t really argue with this one.  I feel the same way when people knock on my door looking for autographs.  And when I say ‘people’ and ‘autographs,’ what I really mean is ‘IRS’ and ‘money.’  Otherwise, same thing.

And because we’ve all obviously been naughty today, here are some pictures of Pink leaving the Marmalade Cafe with a friend in Malibu on Wednesday.  We all have bad days, people.  Don’t judge.