Pink And Cary Hart Take A Family Bike Ride With Willow Sage [PHOTOS]

Pink In New York
The singer will star in 'Thanks For Sharing.'
Willow Sage Hart
The little tot with mom in New York City.
Pink And Willow
Mom and daughter grabbed lunch in New York.
Pink's Coffee Run
The new mom grabbed Starbucks in Malibu last August.
Pink and husband Cary Hart took 9-month-old Willow Sage for a bike ride today (March 2nd) in Venice, California.  While Pink’s bike was adorned with a basket, Cary tucked a bundled up Willow into his kid carrier.

Pink and Cary celebrate six years together and took to Twitter to profess their love.  “Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife who i love so much,” Hart tweeted.  “6 amazing years and you haven’t killed me yet. Ill love you forever.”

To which Pink responded, “Yes:) I haven’t killed you yet;) but give it time darling. It’s happening slowly haha. I love you honey cakes. Happy 6 or 10 or..”