Pink And Cary Hart Aren’t Here For Your Entertainment [PHOTOS]

Keeping It Clean
A family-friendly Hart and Pink at the Happy Feet 2 premiere.
FYI, Pink and Cary Hart are totally not the celebrity couple you want to piss off. Let me repeat myself for good measure:  Pink and Cary Hart are not the celebrity couple you want to piss off. No, seriously, don’t do it.

Someone should remind the paps about this because getting on this couple’s bad side sounds like a pretty big job liability. Pink and Hart were spotted with daughter, Willow, and when the couple spotted the photogs, things got kind of… aggressive? Yeah, let’s go with aggressive.

Pink looked like she was yelling at them or giving them dirty looks– at least the ones where she wasn’t flipping the finger. Meanwhile, Hart got all up in one of the photographer’s faces. They exchanged words. Angry ones.

Ohhhh, snap. Am I the only one who wishes we could have gotten what Hart said to that pap on video?