Pierre Cardin Runway… What’s Happening Here? – Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011

I want to laugh and then cry, and then laugh really hard again. Pierre Cardin, what’s going on in that head of yours… on second thought, I’m not quite sure I want to know. Pierre Cardin’s Spring/Summer 2011 runway show at Paris Fashion Week was unfortunate. I think he’s laying down some stiff competition for throwback thrift stores. The collection was so unbelievably disjointed, you’d think there was a scheduling conflict between two preposterous shows on the same runway.

Half of the collection involved mini floral nightgowns with sheer capelets sporting over-sized fabric flowers, while the other half was dowdy and dreary 1970’s office wear. Sitting upon various models’ heads were lampshade-esque hats or salon hair dryer hoods. As each look caused me to raise my eyebrows higher and higher, I was still totally unprepared for the ending of the show: patent leather mad scientist jackets and “Mother Ginger” type tent dresses from The Nutcracker… I was waiting for small children dressed as bon-bons to dash out from underneath the velour and scamper into the audience. In reality, this collection was so ridiculous, dated, and bizarre that I’d seriously rather tell you that a picture is truthfully worth a million words. Or in this case, one: No. Just no.

I would like to see Lady Gaga in one of the Mother Ginger tent dresses. I actually think this would be a step towards normalcy for her. As for the menswear, these blazer/turtleneck combos might be right up Marc Anthony’s alley. OK, maybe pre-Jennifer Lopez. *sigh*