Pierce Brosnan Wants To Save Flipper

Not just Flipper, but all dolphins for that matter. Pierce Brosnan is speaking out and condemning the killing of dolphins for meat in Japan. Pierce is urging officials in Japan to stop the slaughter of dolphins in Japan as well as stopping the sale of dolphin meat.

The sexy Irish star has always been very environmentally conscious, but after seeing the documentary The Cove about Japanese dolphin slaughter, it’s become his new cause. He tells reporters that he was shocked by the on screen brutality.

“We have long been passionate about marine mammal protection. After watching The Cove, we were astonished to discover that more than 20,000 dolphins are slaughtered in Japan each year and that their meat, which contains toxic levels of mercury, is sold to consumers and in grocery stores across Japan. This powerful and moving film is an urgent cry for help–and now that the public finally knows the truth, we must demand change.”

Pierce is like the best person ever. Plus he’s going to be in Remember Me with Robert Pattinson so it’s going to be like a double dose of hotness. The two of them are so adorable when Robert remembers to brush his hair. Pierce is even super hot on his own, and his sons are looking quite handsome. Like father like son.

So remember to watch The Cove and write a letter to your local Japanese official telling him that dolphin slaughter is wrong. I just can’t imagine eating Flipper, can you?

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