Pierce Brosnan Hands Out A Beatdown

James Bond has a license to beatdown! Pierce Brosnan is being investigated by the LA Country Sherrif’s department for allegedly tuning up on a photographer in Malbu last Friday. The incident was said to have taken place at a mall. Can you picture James Bond at a mall? Looking for the disk containing the virus at Claire’s?

The celebrity Web site TMZ.com quoted a witness as saying photographer Robert Rosen and Brosnan got into a scuffle when the photographer started to compliment the actor on his James Bond films.

TMZ said Brosnan reacted by cursing Rosen and hitting him in the ribs while the photographer kicked the actor.

Maybe he felt it wasn’t his best work. He might have a complex because his replacement is the best Bond since Sean Connery. He always wanted to come out of the water in those short shorts!

Photos: Getty Images