Photoshopping Contest Sponsored By Mobile Edge

January 10th, 2006 // 6 Comments

It’s time for me to test the Photoshop skills of my readers. Here’s the deal, whomever creates the best (according to Miu) Photoshopped recreation (use your imagination – anything on the photo can be altered) of the photo above will win a computer bag (shown below) from Mobile Edge. Entries must be emailed to with the subject line Photoshop Contest! You have from this second up until 10pm Eastern Time on Tuesday, January 17th 2006.


Thanks again to Mobile Edge for sponsoring this contest! Visit their website for all of your Mobile accessory needs.

Details about the bag are shown after the jump.

The Komen Paris Computer Backpacks Feature:

- 10% of sale price is donated to The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
- Dedicated SafetyCell(TM) computer protection compartment
- Separate Section for files, books and magazines
- Additional workstation section for accessories, cables, pens, etc.
- Ventilated and padded rear panel with ergonomic shoulder straps for carrying comfort
- Removable accessories/cosmetics pouch
- Lifetime warranty

For a closer look, go here.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Blow Buddie

    You mean the photo above of the tragic drag queen, the skank and the androgynous ice dancer HASN”T been “photoshopped”? Darlings, I must ask: why tamper with perfection?

  2. suz

    LOL i was going to say the same
    looks PS’d

  3. Addiso

    Can we have a hi-res version please ?

    500*368px is a bit low-res for quality Ps work.

  4. Blow Buddie ;-) you really think the original is a photoshopped version as well. :)

  5. Yep, Addiso is right. A 800*600 at the least would be a pref.

    Hey, btw, is that a WWF crowd ? Cos I have some a crazy idea then :-)

  6. I’ll enter, just need a little time to get my entry ready if I have some time!

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