PHOTOS: New ‘Iron Man 2′ Stills

With the release of these new stills from Iron Man 2, the excitement continues to build. The frenzy will reach a boiling point when the stars hit Comic-Con this week.

“This is about the toughest group there is to impress,” says Robert Downey Jr., reprising his role as playboy superhero Tony Stark. “They’re watching your footage, every one of them waiting to Twitter whether you suck.”

Director Jon Favreau’s presentation, featuring unedited footage set to Black Sabbath’s rock anthem of the same name, helped propel the film to $318 million, turned Downey into a summer action star and gave studios a template for wooing Generation Text.

“You can’t underestimate how powerful this group is,” Favreau says. “It’s an unlimited press corps, all of them knowing how to communicate in a digital age. The geeks have inherited the Earth, and that’s good news for us.”

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