1. sofronia sheehan

    The gay issuie about zac efron still remains to be seen. If he is gay, it reminds me of Rock Hudson.

  2. sofronia sheehan

    I hope it is not true.

  3. Megan Efron

    none of this is true, this is all fake. you should all know better that he is NOT gay!

    • Abbs

      Get over it–don’t get so offended by it, “Mrs.” Efron…LOL! It’s not like you’re ever going to go out with him even if is straight, and there’s nothing wrong with being gay.

  4. Daryl Storie

    goo\d if he is gay hook a guy up hes fine id tap that!

  5. Jer

    God some people act like he has cancer or HIV. He’s still the same person just now he’s telling the truth, I guess some people would rather be lied to.

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