1. jean

    Tonight was the final reunion for the Housewives of N.J. What an outrage! The wanna- be, sex pot, who’s forehead is the width of a neanderthal, and who has written a cookbook!? (wonder in what language? Certainly not English) Well, she is a monster. She should go on The Jerry Springer Show perhaps she might make enough to get her house out of hock! What kind of an example does this mother think she is setting for her four little girls?! Caroline, is an old pot stirrer…she loved professeing that the “family stick together since “I did this for you…! ” Nauseating! it was like the first “Godfather” movie! This is after she critizised those parents (on the Italy trip) behind their back, but, in front of: all us little ole viewers. How could a woman of her age and experience with children, critizise a four year of for falling asleep with jet lag at an adult table!! No wonder she is heartless, and loved grand standing with her cruel evil statements, with her gang giving her moral (hah) support! And we wonder why our teenages today, bully and fight one out numbered kid?! When Jacquelyne(sp?), clearly had an ephifany, and took her head out of Carolyn, the “old pot stirrer’s” bottom, and suddenly, developed a conscience and a mind of her own…she became a strong woman, an example to her horrid daughter Ashley, (who really is dangerous) but, as well, to her other child. This viewer was proud of the courage she found in the face of the other two bullying monsters, by taking a stand for that which is right and just, and appropriate behavior, by an adult, but more importantly, standing up for courage, even when it is not the popular thing to do, toward bullying in general, and an under dog in particular. Regardless of how Danielle was wrong on so many levels, and regardless, of her questionable morals, she was victimized by those ruthless, heartless, vicious Thugs! Danielle’s daughters, by the way, are good girls. Obviously, their mother is doing something right.

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