1. Wow this list is extremely inaccurate. The #1 spot when to the absolute wrong performance/moment. It should go to Santana’s performance of ‘Mine’. It also happened in the break up episode. Clearly whoever wrote this article is a huge fan of Blaine/Darren Criss. Which is fine, but please reasonable. Smooth Criminal alone was the best ‘duet’ of season 3, therefore it should be above Someone I Used To Know and Flashdance.

  2. no no no. this is like the worst list ever. some of the moments are in the wrong order. and i do NOT agree with the number spot at all. i thought that performance was tacky and a bit over dramatic. can’t believe it made it on the list. number one should be either when the unholy trinity performed together again in S4 when santana sang ‘mine’. and flashdance was ok. not great so idk why its on the list either.

  3. Sam

    Awful list. Blaine being self righteous over a few text as number 1 really?

    How about Rachel finally telling Finn off or The Scientist, Kurt’s auditioning for NYADA, or anything that i didn’t involve Darren trying to emote.

  4. Hannah

    This list is like the WORST Glee moments of 2012.

  5. Alex

    Are u kidding mee !??????? wheres an i will always love you and someone like ou and the train scene !!!!!!!!!!

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