1. Steph

    it still might suck and the point being delivered by evoynere saying its out of context is that although its out of context IT STILL MIGHT suck. No one said it might suck because of his screen writing. In actual fact this article is very respectful in that it honors him by saying he’s got a tough job. I also don’t see how this takes it all out of context since the line before the it might suck comment reads does Penn think The Avengers will be a cool movie and not does Penn think his script will be good. So I’m still waiting to see exactly how this is taken out of context? One person says he was generalizing but about what, about the fact that the movie could still suck no matter how good evoyneres intentions are? He either said it or he didn’t yeah?I’m keen as hell for The Avengers and every other Marvel movie as a big fan of the comics, but some of them have sucked and The Avengers could suck too. Nothings a given.

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