1. Renee Readi

    I liked Nene part of the first season, and my heart went out to her last season with all that was going on with Greg and her eldest son but I have had to realize that Nene is so full of jealousy that it is eating her up inside. She is so negative all the time, I think she is hard on everyone else especially Kim, because her relationship is falling apart and Kim has a new lease on life. Kim is not a good singer but she has “IT” that certain something that makes her entertaining. I like Kim because she is who she is and does what she does. I wouldn’t do some of the things she does but I respect that we all are different and I am not her mother. I don’t mother my friends, if I did I should be friends with their mother not them. Nene doesn’t understand she hsd bounderies, we all do. Nene is a pretender that is bitter with jealousy. We all have to learn to congratulate and be glad for the next person and continue to be strong in our own lives. That green monster is only pushing people away from you and it leaves you alone and bitter.

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