1. Valentina

    My thoughts after seneig the pictures: 1) Awww they’re soooooo perfect! =D 2) Lucky people who got to meet them! I wanna be near them as well! I’m jealous! 3) I wish Laurent smiled more often His face lights up when he does 4) Why did everyone take pictures mostly with Larry? There should be balance! 5) Laurent’s face expression like he’s bored or doesn’t care makes me smile and I don’t really know why ;D 6) Larry could be my best friend. 7) Laurent could be my everything hehe 6) I wanna hug them 7) Why the hell do I get so excited like a teenage girl only by looking at their pictures!? Is there something wrong with me? Ok, that’s the last picture I’ll look at, and then I’ll go and study 9) Aaaa I need to share my thoughts with somebody, otherwise I’ll explode 10) That’s a fact, I’m making a fool of myself . lol

  2. Igniace

    Hi! Far right icon on the top of each page is for RSS feed. Once you click on it you will have an option to susibrbce by email. I hope this helps and thanks for following SD!

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