1. TPF

    They hang like she’s fifty years old. Put those ugly things away, they are disgusting.
    She doesn’t look pretty at all anymore, long ago lost her looks and gravity has definitely taken it’s toll.

  2. jeremy

    About as much sense as a turnip.

  3. tnmccoy

    It’s hard to believe this rude, amoral pos was actually the sweet young girl in the Parent Trap. The bigger she’s grown, the smaller she seems. Don’t these photographers have anything better to do?

  4. don

    I would like to rub my face on her tank top!

  5. Eric

    She is performing a commendable community service simply by wearing that top. I say let’s sentence a few more semi-hot pop-tarts to a similar public service.

  6. milesaugust

    She’s the best, hands down.

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