1. Erestorfan

    While Orsini is very beautiful, I have to say that Kate wins hands down. Never have I seen anyone so calm elegant and graceful.

  2. Christine

    Isabella Orsini, hands down. To me she has the more beautiful face. Kate is attractive but somewhere, she just doesn’t reach the “beautiful” level somewhere, sorry!

    • Katrina

      I agree with Christine. Isabella Orsini wins hands down. She has the more beautiful face. Everything about her is beautiful. Kate, well, she’s alright, but I wouldn’t go into raptures about her.

  3. dot

    The silhouette is better in my opinion and the lace appears seamless. Lines are cleaner too. Overall, Kate’s dress just looks more royal to me.

  4. Lori

    I half to say i think Kate Middleton is the best. and that other does not know what fashion is.

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