1. saleisha

    I think selena gomez is nothing worse than a dirty bitch plus she has 18 years what kind of pedophile you should be ashamed of yourself strutting on the beach with a half-dressed young man of 16. too bad it’s not like that Justin Bieber was the nicest guy on earth. barack obama is it over after you?? not because your not that interesting.
    ps: everything I’ve written is true and do not try to find me!

  2. lolipop

    saleisha justin is 17 and selena is 18 so shut up because u r loud and wrong

  3. alexia

    manthey look so ugly together. i do not like selena gomez. she sings really ugly. i dont like her new song. the love song baby!!!!. i only like justin bieber i thiunk he is so handsom!!!!!!. selena gomez is UGLY!!!!!!

  4. Mandy

    Why is justin bieber grabbing selenas butt?

  5. jenifer

    i know right she is putting her derty lips on him

  6. jenifer

    wat but she dosent have no but

  7. Anonimo

    Bueno io opino qe la Selena Gomez esa una PUTA DE MIERDA ! porqe pareciera qe el Justin la estubiera puntiando !! & pareciera qe lo estubiera gozando !

  8. chesse

    i love justin and selena

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