1. nakeisha

    hi i hate you i cant belive you are going out with selena gomez you guys were my biggest fan and i looked up to u

  2. lex

    get over it ^^

  3. justin get over it slena bad laddy

  4. darnia

    get over it!

  5. sophie marie sorel

    Justin bieber is my best male star and i like selena gomez too.i am not jalous but THIS RELATION SHIP IS NOT TO BE”.selena is taller and far older than justin and honestly “I WOULD FEEL ASHAME TO HAVE AS A BOYFREIND A JUNOIR OF MINE”;so STOP IT; IT IS SHAMEFUL

  6. alana

    i think they are great for each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. JBfancupcakegirl1113

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  8. elliebeth

    its his decision whoever he wants to date he can date!!!!!!!! your decision choose whom u want

  9. ANNA


  10. Amira

    why don’t u break up with selena gomez!

  11. addy

    Selena is older than u! why do u what to go out with her! Justin all of the gurls around this world likes u. pick someone that is your age!

  12. emiya

    i love u guys yall look so cute together!!!

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